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Information Technology

Our technical areas are managed by a group of high level specialists who personally monitor the correct attention given to every aspect of the projects in our hands. This is our way of maintaining the strict quality standard we have assumed as a permanent commitment to our customers.

The best way to expose our technical capabilities is to list our experts' abilities and experience; this document contains detailed information on the subject. Should you require additional information, we invite you to contact us. We will be happy to serve you.

Effective technology which benefits your business

We have specialists in the following areas:

Microsoft Windows95/98, Microsoft WindowsNT, Linux

Enlaces Tecnologicos offers you the services of people qualified and experienced in software development for Microsoft, Linux and variants close to Unix platforms. We have specialists in software analisys and architecture, as well as expert programmers in C++, Java and other languages of general use.

Our experts have more than 10 years of practical experience, from stand-alone applications development to the design and implementation of complex client/server critical mission systems -people who can dramatically increase the effectivity and profitability of your information resources.

Enlaces Tecnologicos - Microsoft Windows95/98, Microsoft WindowsNT, Linux
System analisys and design
Programming services in C++, C, Java, Pascal (Delphi), VisualBasic, Perl, Tcl.
Stand-alone applications development
TCP/IP based client/server system and net applications development.
Multi-process software, distributed systems and critical mission systems development.
Drivers for hardware devices development.
Experience in development of banking and financial systems.
Experience in development of systems for the construction industry.
Experience in development of administration systems for medium and big enterprises.

Unisys BTOS/CTOS Systems

Our BTOS/CTOS systems area is managed by known experts, with ample practical experience and a deep knowledge of the platform, the most common applications in the financial sector and the problems that conectivity and migration projects present.

By hiring the services of Enlaces Tecnologicos, your business has the support of some of the highest level specialists in latin America. If your project involves BTOS/CTOS systems, we are sure we can help.

Enlaces Tecnologicos - BTOS/CTOS Systems
System analisys and design.
Programming services in C and Pascal, scripting in JCl.
Multi-process software and critical mission systems development.
Development of cluster distributed applications.
System services development.
Conectivity software development for Microsoft and Unix systems.
Instalation, configuration and maintenace of stations and clusters.
Counseling in system and data base migration.
Experience in banking and financial systems.
Experince in software customization (FSA Finesse, SignBank).

Intranets and Internet

In an environment that evolves rapidly, saturated by providers who offer improvised solutions, Enlaces Tecnologicos offers a solid and reliable alternative. Our specialists in intranets and Internet are people who understand technology and its application in your business' benefit, and who care to give you a clear perspective of the options you can use, minimizing your investmenting risks.

Whichever your business requirements may be, from the design and administration of a web site to the development of sofisticated electronic commerce systems, collaboration and distributed access for data bases- Enlaces Tecnologicos offers real and secure solutions, and complete control over your information resources.

Enlaces Tecnologicos - Intranets and Internet
Counseling in establishment of a corporate image in the Internet and World Wide Web.
Counseling in acquisition of domain names, IP addresses, hosting services and permanent connections.
Counsling in website design, publication and administration.
Programming services in HTML and dynamic HTML (JavaScript, CSS).
Programming services in CGI applications (Perl, PHP, C/C++).
Programming services in Java (applets, servlets).
Counseling in the hiring of credit transfer and validation for electronic commerce.
Electronic commerce system development for the World Wide Web.
Development of systems for distributed access to information banks.
Instalation, configuration and maintenanca of web servers (HTTP).
Instalation, configuration and maintenace of FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP NNTP and other common protocol servers.
Counseling in instalation and configuration of intranets on private nets and/or the Internet.
Counseling in security measures for LANs and intranets.
Instalation, configuration and maintenance of firewalls and proxies.

Installation and maintenace of networks and equipment

We know by experience that the correct installation and configuration of computing and network hardware, and the availability of an effective equipment maintenace and repair system, is vital in order to guarantee the reliability of any information system.

In Enlaces Tecnologicos we do not risk the security or stability of your business systems infrastructure. We have qualified technicians to insure the optimal performance of your information resources, who offer you a guaranteed immediate and professional response to any contingency.

Enlaces Tecnologicos - Instalación and maintenance of networks and equipment
Instalación y configuración de estaciones de trabajo y periféricos.
Instalation and configuration of Microsoft, Novell and Unix/TCP networks.
Instalation and configuration of remote access services (RAS, Telnet/PPP).
Counseling in redundant instalations and contingency prevention.
Express repair service for networks and equipment.
Prevention service packages.

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